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Tn hindi offers methods to download Gta vice city game for your Pc. Gta vice city tn hindi is great game for beginners in a gaming world. Gta vice city is an open world game. This game is very fun to play with really good storyline. Real version of Gta vice city has great voice action.

tn hindi gta vice city

Gta vice city was released on 22 October 2001. It was developed by DMA desgine and published by Rockstars game. Gta vice city tn hindi is a single player game.

Gta vice city game has lot of violence , offensive language and strong sexual content.

There are two versions of this game one is full version which is paid. And another is compressed version which takes less space on your PC. Both versions have their own pro and cons.

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Don’t worry we will give you all the information to download best version suitable for your PC. Please read till last to get idea about best Gta vice city version for you. Now we will tell you pros and cons of original/Full version of gta vice city and compress Version.

tn hindi gta vice city compressed

S.noOriginal/Full VersionCompressed Version
1. Original size of gta vice city gane is 1.9gb.Compressed Version has lower size of only 263mb.
2.It has hd graphics. It is compressed Version so quality is not that good.

Requirements of pc tn hindi gta vice city game

Gta vice city runs well in pc with low specs. So if your Pc has less ram and storage then don’t worry this game will run smoothly there. But this game runs best with the system with following specification.


RAM more than 1 gb in pc is advisable for this game. More the RAM better it is.


Gta vice city runs well in all the latest versions of processors like intel, xp etc.

Operating system

In case you have the windows operating system then the advisable version of Windows is 7 or more. This game is also available for many different operating systems like Android,apple, Microsoft etc.

tn hindi gta vice city for pc

If you want to download Full version of this game and paid then you can easily buy it from app store of your operating system. We have provided below direct link to download Gta vice city game.

Download gta vice city for Android

Download gta vice city for Apple users

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